Insiights – Providing businesses access to real-time consumer insights

Democratizing consumer data/insights needed to make strategic business decisions

Insiights is an early-stage consumer research platform that helps to democratise access to consumer data in Africa. With this platform, businesses can deploy surveys to real consumers and get insights within minutes. In addition to this, users also have the flexibility of validating their business ideas, and pricing and measuring product perception before or after launching. Companies partner with Insiights to serve products and services directly to this engaged audience or to glean insights from this audience via consumer research. The consumer research includes but is not limited to concept testing, pain point validation, message/media testing, brand perception, awareness, and satisfaction. The platform is primarily a desktop web application.

Problem Statement

From experience, we have seen a lot of businesses collapse, due to the lack of accurate data/insights needed to make strategic business decisions. Even when data is collected, a lot of businesses do not have the technical capability to uncover insights from the data collected. Insiights seeks to bridge this gap between businesses and consumers by providing a platform that allows verified users to deploy surveys specifying their target audience, with insights received within minutes.

We were motivated to build Insiights after noticing a pattern with start-ups and businesses. To validate some of these assumptions, we held a series of interviews, shared questionnaires, and also made use of secondary research. On the other end, however, we were tasked with creating an application that also favors the respondents providing these insights, which led us to create the Lumi App, the primary user interface for respondents.

Simplicity in complexity

My primary design concern was ensuring the application was very intuitive and simple regardless of the numerous complexities. To do this, I endeavored to set the general tone as “semi-formal”, while also breaking down the steps taken to publish a survey into simplified modules:

The defining rationale behind this was to enable users to quickly move from step to step in a very intuitive manner. This was eventually validated during user testing.
We also prioritized user’s ability to preview their surveys on both mobile and desktop screens before publishing.
There was also a lot of emphasis on how users viewed their eventual results with various data visualization options made available.


Anyone who’s ever tried to look understands that finding good quality data about African consumers is tough, to say the least. Data-driven decision-making is critical for successful enterprises in Africa, be it for individuals, businesses, small and large, or governments alike, and I was thrilled to be a part of bridging that gap. The application is currently in use by a lot of corporate clients such as AfricaCheck, Sparkle, Gifftr, etc.

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