Lumi- Providing value daily

Do the things you usually do on a daily basis through Lumi and gain value instantly

Lumi partners with a network of online retailers who provide goods and services that young people need on a daily basis. These goods and services include but are not limited to airtime for all networks in Nigeria, electricity units, cable subscriptions, mobile data, and a host of other e-commerce offerings.
Lumi leverages advanced analytics and data science to match users with the products and services that they either love already or are most likely to.


Gamification is also employed to ensure user satisfaction and return. Users on the platform earn points that they can redeem for cash or mobile airtime, all at no cost. The speed at which you earn on Lumi depends only on how much you engage. Rewards are funded through the revenue generated from businesses that Lumi integrates with or performs consumer research for. Lumi also educates users on consumer behaviour and financial savviness through its in-app blog.


Lumi is a native mobile and web application.

Goal and Objective

Lumi approached me with a very large roadmap, which consisted of far-reaching plans and future functionalities. The major goal was an overhaul of the existing application, which was simply a survey platform and a full rebrand into a lifestyle suite for users, while still retaining past functionalities.

Following feedback from respondents and general user insights, we realized users needed much more incentive to remain returning users, besides the original sole purpose of the app: taking surveys. With these findings in mind, we designed features to ensure conversions, this include bill payments and shopping integrations.

Some old vs new screens


From November 2021 to currently, January 2022, Lumi has had a total of 75,191 onboarded users with 62,772 remaining active users (
This is something the entire team is happy with while we actively collaborate to keep maintaining and developing this product to suit users needs.


Providing businesses access to real-time consumer insights

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